eBee AG – The precision agriculture drone

The eBee Ag is an artificially intelligent, fully autonomous drone. It is designed with safety in mind and contains numerous built-in failsafe systems. Thanks to its modular design, its wings can be easily disassembled and stored with its central body in a convenient carry-on sized case.

With its four different camera options the eBee Ag suits numerous agricultural applications. Use the NIR camera supplied or add one of our red-edge, RGB or multispectral sensors.




Just select the area you want to map using our eMotion software, throw your drone into the air, and the eBee Ag will fly, acquire images and land itself.The eBee Ag’s artificial intelligence and robust lightweight construction ensure it will survive numerous flights (and landings), thus safeguarding your investment.

Once the eBee Ag has landed, use Pix4D software to process your flight’s photos. In just a few clicks you can transform this imager into geo- referenced 2D orthomosaics and 3D digital elevation models. Postflight Terra 3D includes a handy index computation tab – just select a band from your near infrared or multispectral camera and calculate NDVI to assess plant health. You can also input custom formulas and customise colours to create exactly the map you require. This map is the key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving your business forwards. It highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – for less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

If precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky will drive the next. With a drone or UAV you can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight. Without the cost and hassle of manned services. And at a greater resolution than satellite imagery typically provides.



For more information, download Brochure of the product or Technical Specifications of eBeeAg.