Precision Agriculture

Whether looking to reduce input costs and increase productivity through more efficient application, or save on time and operator fatigue by lowering the number of passes in the field, Leica Geosystems provides farmers with a suite of simple, reliable and affordable agricultural guidance and precision farming tools.

Tecnitop S.A. offers a wide range of auto-steer options that work with the line of Mojo products. Depending on which auto-steer product you have purchased, we offer SteerDirect hydraulic systems, CAN-connection steering options that communicate directly with your tractors CAN system, Steer-Ready Kits (SRK) which provide a convenient retro-fit electro-hydraulic solution, and the Leica QuickSteer assisted steering motor.

Leica Mojo Mini

Getting started in precision guidance has never been easier. It’s more affordable than ever to start saving money in the field by lowering input costs and by enhancing driver accuracy to reduce overlap in any field operation. The rugged design of the system withstands even the toughest field conditions and provides multiple guidance options. Plus, with Leica’s revolutionary steer-to-the-line technology, the mojoMINI 2 helps operators maintain a straighter, more consistent line every time.

Leica Mojo3D

The Leica mojo3D is designed to grow with your farmingoperation. With many industry-leading advancements, the Leica mojo3D is a versatile guidance display with multiple upgrade options allowing users to uniquely customize the system to fit their individual needs. Choose from a range of option packs to add terrain-compensated electric auto-steer, single section or multi-section control, or high accuracy RTK via the Leica mojoXact Plus