3D Scanner

TECNITOP S.A. is a company highly specialized in three-dimensional data adquisition systems applied to industry, engineering and cultural heritage by means of terrestrial laser scanners and structured white light scanners for industrial metrology and small objects. It has more than 10 years of experience, so it can offer the best solutions and alternatives in terms of three-dimensional scanning.

The diversity in the topographical techniques that can be used together with the different types of 3D scanners and software means that often the solution provided should be a combination of these techniques and equipments and shoulf be developed for each type of work. There is heterogeneity referring to the different kinds of terrestrial and small object scanners that we have, each one with their typological characteristics, that can be summarized in 4 families of 3D scanners: Time-of-Flight, Phase-Shift, Small Object and Structured White Light.