About us


Tecnitop S.A. is a company with a professional career and consolidated experience in the field of geomatic engineering, specialized in training and registration systems with terrestrial laser scanners and short-range scanners, distribution of senseFly and Flyability professional drones and Leica Geosystems surveying & engineering solutions.

Tecnitop S.A. currently has several offices and resellers in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Tecnitop S.A. has a multidisciplinary  professional team with extensive experience in the field of surveying, cartography, engineering, industry, precision agriculture and remote sensing. Passionate about new technologies, creative in the search for solutions, disseminators of knowledge through courses and training, and with the principle of offering what each professional needs, always providing the best service and technical support.

Tecnitop S.A. has a strong commitment to its customers, and its purpose is to reduce the time of data collection in the field and maximize results, making available to each professional sector the latest geomatics technologies, as well as accompanying the client offering technical support during the execution of each project, to facilitate the necessary training for the accomplishment of the work and to offer technical solutions that allow the attainment of the objectives of each professional.




Combining our knowledge with new technologies to offer the client, regardless of their level of expertise, the necessary solutions for the achievement of your projects in the shortest possible time, as well as offering a complete professional service of training and support with the highest quality.



Our commitment is to maintain ourselves as one of the reference companies within the field of geomatic engineering, making accessible the use of new technologies to all the people and entities that require it. Always faithful to our values, we aspire to continue to evolve and grow parallel to the technological advances in order to continue offering avant-garde, realistic and affordable solutions.



Our convictions, deeply rooted and shared by each and every one of the members of the human team that make up Tecnitop S.A., are the ones that make up the pillars of good work and the work guidelines of the company:

  • Closeness: making the best support available for each professional sector that requires our services

  • Transparency: always as an objective with our clients and partners

  • Professionalism: doing each job with seriousness, honesty and efficiency

  • Innovation and development: always at the forefront of new technologies, we continue to serve the research of new methods and techniques of work

  • Creativity: offering solutions that solve the problems of our clients

  • Quality: always looking for excellence in our work

  • Passion: the commitment for our work and the dedication to it is reflected in the results that guarantee us during the last 15 years