eBee RTK – The survey-grade mapping drone

Capture aerial photography to produce orthomosaics & 3D models with absolute accuracy of down to 3 cm – without Ground Control Points.

The eBee RTK is a highly flexible system. It can be used in either of three ways, depending on how you prefer to work and your access to incountry correction data networks. Whichever method you choose, no additional base station purchase is necessary since the eBee RTK is compatible with most leading brands of survey-focused base station.




To launch the eBee RTK, simply attach its wings, shake it three times to start its motor, and throw it into the air! The artificial intelligence built into the senseFly autopilot continuously analyzes data from the Inertial Measurement Unit and the onboard GPS to control every aspect of its flight.

SenseFly’s intuitive eMotion software makes it easy to plan and simulate your mapping mission. Import your preferred base map and define the area you want to cover. Then specify your required ground resolution (with a GSD of down to 1.5 cm), and image overlap. eMotion automatically generates a full flight plan, calculating the eBee RTK’s required altitude and displaying its projected trajectory. If you know your base station’s coordinates, enter these into eMotion. If not, eMotion will calculate your base’s approximate position. Or you can configure eMotion to receive VRS/NTRIP corrections. eMotion then streams correction data to the eBee RTK via the senseFly USB ground modem.

Use Pix4D professional photogrammetry software to process your flight’s photos into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, triangle models and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), in just a few clicks. With the eBee RTK’s GSD of down to 1.5 cm, relative orthomosaic/3D model accuracy of 1-3x GSD, and absolute horizontal/vertical accuracy of down to 3/5 cm (without GCPs), you can have full confidence in the accuracy of the outputs you produce.



For more information, download Brochure of the product or Technical Specifications of eBeeRTK.