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eMotion 3: Drone flight & data management. Reimagined.

A drone’s flight management (or ground station) software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, professional drone operation can quickly become a chore. eMotion 3 is different: it’s advanced, scalable software anyone can use.

Simply efficient

With its simple, mission block-based flight planning, multi-flight projects and built-in Flight Data Manager, eMotion 3 helps you get your drone in the air quickly and minimise the time you spend planning flights and managing the data you collect.

eMotion 3 makes professional flight and data management a breeze­—minimising the time you need to spend planning missions, managing battery changes and preparing the data you collect. So you can focus on results, not on operations.

  • Simple mission block flight planning—mission blocks are the core components of every automatic eMotion 3 mission (more below)
  • Supports multi-flight missions for highly efficient larger-scaled projects—just land, swap the drone’s battery and re-launch to continue the same mission
  • Import up-to-date elevation data—for safer, more terrain-accurate flights
  • Built-in Flight Data Manager—handles the georeferencing & preparation of images required for further photogrammetric processing—vastly reducing third-party software compatibility issues—plus RTK/PPK processing and validation


A mission block for every proyect

Choose the mission block that best suits your project. You can even use different blocks within the same flight.

Horizontal Mapping

Use this mission block to fly a ‘bird’s eye’ horizontal mapping mission. Sset a few key mission parameters, such as your preferred ground resolution, and eMotion 3 does the rest — creating flight lines and setting GPS waypoints automatically.


Use this to inspect & digitally model structures such as wind turbines and towers using a senseFly albris. Just set the cylinder’s height, its height above the ground, plus the image resolution & overlap required. eMotion 3 generates the drone’s flight path, places waypoints and sets the drone’s orientation/head angle to capture the photos required—in overlapping layers—around the structure.

Around Point of Interest

An alternative approach when using a senseFly albris to autonomously inspect vertical structures, such as buildings and tower sections. Simply set the required resolution, head angle and flight height required. eMotion 3 then automatically generates a circular flight path—on a single horizontal plane—around the object of interest, and programs the drone’s image capture points to capture images all around the structure.


Adds more flexibility to autonomous mapping missions. Use this mission block to more accurately map and model concave environments, as well as to create new impressive marketing assets.

Custom Route

This mission block is perfect for guiding your senseFly drone through the most complex of environments.


Full 3D environment

eMotion 3’s full 3D environment adds a new dimension to drone flight management—helping you to more accurately plan, simulate and control your drone’s trajectory for safer flights, more consistent performance and improved data quality.

In addition to eMotion’s highly efficient 2D flight planning approach (included), eMotion 3 goes a step further by including a full 3D environment for flight planning, simulation and management.

Why 3D? In addition to being naturally intuitive, this approach enables you to more accurately plan and visualise the drone’s flight path (especially useful in areas of varied elevation such as mountainous regions). Flight plans can also be generated using your own imported background maps and digital surface models—create your own 3D virtual reality based on accurate, real-world geospatial data (including digital surface models produced from previous missions).

The result is safer operations, more consistent flights and therefore improved data quality.


The connected centre of your drone workflow

eMotion 3 is the connected centre of your drone workflow. It connects wireless to your drone for flight planning and operation. It can accept imported polygonal mission files such as KMLs and shapefiles that define specific working areas. Plus, it can export projects (of georeferenced drone imagery) directly into cloud solutions such as Pix4D’s.

It can even connect to Air Navigation Pro to improve mid-air safety by pushing drone mission data to general aviation pilots, and it includes live weather updates to help you carefully optimise the timing of your drone operations. Future versions will connect to more third-party cloud and industry software platforms such as Skyward.

One software, every senseFly drone & payload

eMotion 3 es el único software profesional que soporta operaciones de ala fija y multirotores. eMotion 3 is the only professional-grade drone software to support both fixed-wing and multirotor operations. Use it to manage every senseFly drone* and all senseFly camera payloads—from RGB to multispectral and thermal infrared..



*excl. eBee SQ (supplied with eMotion Ag)