REVOlution in 3D Topography with GeoSLAM

The record with SLAM technology to reach with the hand

QUICK                                                        ACCURACY                                                       RELIABLE                                                        EFFICIENT 


ZEB-REVO is a light and portable rotating laser scanner


Main features:
    • Self-rotating sensor head
    • 100 Hz line speed and 360 ° field of view
    • Fast, accurate and high quality data capture
    • More Structured Point Clouds
    • Ideal for topography and mapping of multi-level environments



Ultra Portable: Weight only 3.5 kg the hand-held ZEB-REVO can be used to quickly scan multi-storey buildings

Strong: With IP64 protection, the ZEB-REVO can be used in harsh and demanding environments

Easy to use: No GPS or control required, single button on / off simplifies training

Fast: Complete the survey in minutes, much faster than traditional methods or laser scanner terrestrial



¿How it works?



Scanning is enormously simple with the ZEB-REVO, the revolutionary new handheld laser scanner from GeoSLAM. The 100Hz scanner and 360º field of view enable fast, accurate and high quality data capture.


Automatic cloud-cloud recording using the SLAM technique (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), using either the GeoSLAM Desktop software or the GeoSLAM Cloud processing in the pay-per-use cloud.


The result is the point cloud 3D in .las format, and also the path files. The .las compatible file is extracted with all point cloud processing software packages on the market.




The ZEB-REVO was created based on its predecessor, the recognized and awarded ZEB1, with a faster scanner, with even simpler handling and greater versatility. It is based on the market-leading GeoSLAM algorithm, the Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM), which facilitates the rapid dynamic mapping of closed environments without the need for GPS. This versatility makes the ZEB-REVO suitable for a wide variety of applications, which are otherwise difficult or slow using traditional lifting techniques.

    BUILDING                                                         UNDERGROUND                                                    FORESTRY





  MARINE                                                             FORENSIC                                             STOCKPILE                                                





Improved performance

Extra Versatility: Thanks to the self-rotation of the sensor head, the ZEB-REVO can be carried in the hand, but can also be used in a surveying rod, backpack or autonomous vehicle

High resolution: With a speed of 100Hz, the ZEB-REVO produces 2.5 times more scan lines than the ZEB1, and a more structured and homogeneous point cloud

More modest: Requires only one hand and with its small size, the ZEB-REVO provides an excellent lifting operation

Best accuracy: Its high resolution facilitates and improves the extraction of environmental characteristics and therefore the greater automatic precision in the SLAM register with simply a closed ring

3D Scanner and Simultaneous Imaging (ZEB-CAM)

ZEB-CAM is the new ZEB-REVO option that adds contextual image to scanned data and is available to both new and existing REVO clients. Using the GeoSLAM Desktop engine locally, contextual images can be viewed alongside 2D plan views taken directly from the scanned data.



Compatibility: Integration without complexity with existing hardware ZEB-REVO

Context: ZEB-CAM adds contextual image to your scanned data, making extraction features simpler than ever

Image: Optical flow technology that allows automatic synchronization of acquired images and point cloud data


What is GeoSLAM Desktop?

GeoSLAM Desktop is the local processing version of the market-leading software  SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping). The software is used to automatically record data captured by GeoSLAM’s mobile scanner laser systems, ZEB-REVO and ZEB1, to produce fully aligned 3D point clouds. Because SLAM technology does not require GPS, the software can be used to process mobile mapping data from both indoor and outdoor environments.

PointCab Vectorization

The easiest way to vectorize plant floor plans. Vectorize or digitize planes from a cloud of points easily and quickly. Use vector drawings as a DWG, DXF or DAE file in the CAD system.

Choose the module that best suits your needs: Layout, Section, Merger, Mesh, 3D-Points, Vectorizer, Delta, Unfold, Export, Sketch, Volume, WebExport, Register, Profiler, PhotoMatch y mucho más.



Use of ZEV-REVO in a forest and a cave


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