senseFly – Drones for Professionals

Tecnitop S.A. is official distributor in Spain of senseFly with the aim of offering different solutions in the field of aerial mapping and aerial photogrammetry, providing the best solution for each professional work.

senseFly is a company founded in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers and quickly became the industry leader in drone mapping. senseFly developes and produces ultra-light and easy-to-use drones for aerial imaging due to be highly automated, for professional applications including surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining and humanitarian aid.



Tecnitop S.A. is within the responsible statement registration of RPA’s aircrafts operator published by the State Aviation Safety Agency (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea) of Ministry of Public Works (Ministerio de Fomento). (AESA)