AESA agencia estatal de seguridad aerea

Tecnitop: RPAS Operator

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Tecnitop S.A. is registered as responsible RPA’s aircrafts operator. The list is published by Aerial Security State Agency (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea, AESA) (AESA) of Ministry of Civil Works (Ministerio de Fomento).




As operator, the activities Tecnitop can carry out are:

– R&D activities

– Photography, filing and aerial surveying (topography, photogrammetry)

– Research and instrumental recognisement: calibration, meteorologic, maritim, geologic or archaeological investigation, emitters, transmitters, tv and radio data link

– Aerial inspection and observation, including filming and and fire vigilance.

– Aerial publicity

– Emergency, search and rescue operations