Research projects

Tecnitop S.A. is a company that is committed to research, development and innovation in projects related to geomatics and remote sensing. Faithful to this commitment, it has collaborated for more than 15 years in different national and international projects, putting at the service of each of them the latest technological advances, with the aim of exploring and achieving previously impossible results, significantly reducing the cost that’s necessary to invest when using traditional or less advanced methods to obtain data.

Tecnitop S.A. works on various projects within different fields such as environment, heritage, industry, architecture and telecommunications, among others. In this way, it has a marked commitment to each of the projects in which it participates together with different organizations and entities such as companies, universities, NGOs and research centers.

Likewise, we highlight one of the last research projects in which he has participated together with the IPE (Pyrenean Institute of Ecology) – CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Research) and the EPSH of the University of Zaragoza:

Project ‘Cartography by drones of Monte Perdido Glacier’

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Project credits:

Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (CSIC)

Higher Polytechnic School of Huesca (University of Zaragoza)

National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido

Drone Adventures