senseFly Survey 360

The time has come

Every few years, the geospatial industry undergoes a revolution. First it was GPS, then came robotic total stations, laser scanners and robotics. Now, professionals are adding another new tool: mapping drones. These automated ‘eye in the sky’ solutions boast quick data collection times, excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience. These benefits are why drones—or UAS/UAVs—are, quite literally, taking off.

If you’re new to UAVs, the senseFly Survey 360 is your perfect starting point. This comprehensive package includes all the globally-trusted senseFly and Pix4D products you need to produce high-quality raster data and visual products. These outputs are compatible with your existing CAD, survey and GIS software. Plus, Survey 360 is backed by expert support.

The technology is proven. The results speak for themselves. It’s time to join the revolution.


“senseFly’s eBee has given me the best R.O.I. of any surveying tool I own.”
Prof. Tosa Ninkov Ph.D., Owner, GeoGIS Consultants, Serbia



– Achieve high absolute accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in) via built-in RTK/PPK
– No Ground Control Points required

– 75%-80% quicker than terrestrial measurement (Figures based on senseFly customer interviews & media research)
– 3-5x lower cost than terrestrial (Figures based on senseFly customer interviews & media research)
– Map up to 10x more ground, per flight, than multirotor drones
– eMotion flight software ensures optimal results

– Two-minute set-up for quick deployment
– Quick measurement of volumes/slopes/surfaces
– Achieve survey-grade accuracy without bulky terrestrial instruments
– Track a site’s evolution simply over time

– Visualise sites easily in high-res 2D & 3D
– Huge density of data points (millions per flight)
– Add value to vector data with visual outputs
– Service multiple types of project through additional camera options

– Compatible with leading base stations
– Data outputs compatible with industry software (AutoCAD/ArcGIS/Bentley etc.)


Accurate geodata in hours, not days

With senseFly’s Survey 360, your data collection is virtually automatic. Simply define the exact site you want to survey, launch the eBee Plus into the air, and the drone flies, captures high-resolution images and lands itself. Leaving you to focus on analysing its data.


“The eBee Plus can cover most sites in just one flight and with its built-in RTK it is even more economical, saving us yet more time on the ground. These savings allow us, in turn, to cut our clients’ costs significantly compared to a terrestrial approach.”
Armin Weber, Co-founder, Lerch Weber AG, Switzerland


A world of applications

A drone not only complements your existing survey instruments. As operators around the world are learning, it also has the potential to help you expand your company’s services into brand new fields.
Land departments have begun accepting drone data for cadastre. More GIS users are employing drone data in place of satellite imagery. Frequent quarry surveys are now possible, golf course modelling is common, the list goes on.


“The eBee Plus has revolutionised the laborious weekly task of measuring our cut and fill. Before, we would use robotic total stations and GPS, which took two to three days. Now we fly in half a day. The drone is the best money our survey department has ever spent.”
Nick Kelly, Chief Land Surveyor, GRAHAM Construction, Ireland


Land Surveying
– Cadastre: produce drone orthomosaic to create or update land cover & single object layers
– Cadastre: overlay vector cadastre on drone orthomosaic to identify missing objects
– Cadastre: vectorise buildings/objects for upgrading of cadastre into 3D
– Topographic mapping: use drone DTM for new developments (e.g. building construction, noise barrier design)
– Import drone data into: AutoCAD, Trimble Business Center, Virtual Surveyor etc.

Urban Planning & Land Management
– Residential development: import drone DSM into CAD to build virtual models based on elevation data
– Land tenure: use drone orthomosaic to define boundaries when granting land titles
– Flood simulation: generate DTM to simulate flooding & prepare response/design prevention measures
– Waste management: use drone DTM & orthomosaic to calculate landfill volumes
– Import drone data into: ArcGIS, QGIS, GeoMedia, GlobalMapper etc.

Construction & Earthworks
– Engineering design: speed up project planning with accurate pre-construction surveys
– Volume measurement: use 3D drone outputs to accurately measure cut & fill
– In-construction & as-built surveys: monitor progress & document projects via easily repeatable drone flights
– Documentation & reporting: use drone orthomosaic & images to improve stakeholder communication & ensure compliance
– Import drone data into: AutoCAD, Trimble Business Center, NRG Survey etc.

Mining, Quarries & Aggregates
– Reconciliation & valuation: measure stockpile volumes regularly within drone’s point cloud
– Condition assessment: assess condition/slopes of haul roads & loading pads
– Asset management: optimise plant item locations in virtual drone model–checking sight lines, assessing disruption etc.
– Safe site surveys: conduct surveys from site’s perimeter–limiting surveyor time on-site & reducing risk/disruption
– Import drone data into: MineSight 3D, Maptek, Surpac, AutoCAD Civil 3D etc.


End-to-end intelligence

senseFly’s Survey 360 is a complete aerial mapping system, capable of producing survey-grade data outputs that you and your clients can rely on.
Plus, with the optional senseFly GeoBase GNSS receiver, you can achieve such high precision results without the need for a VRS subscription.



Included in Survey 360:

eBee Plus drone
-Flies for 59 min
-Survey up to 220 ha (540 ac) at 120 m/400 ft AGL
-High-Precision on Demand (RTK/PPK)—absolute accuracy down to 3 cm (1.2 in)
-senseFly S.O.D.A. photogrammetry camera


eMotion software
– Simple mission-block flight planning
– 2D/3D interface options
– Connect to cloud services, weather updates, airspace data etc.
– Instant integration with senseFly GeoBase (& compatible with leading base stations)


Pix4Dmapper software
– One-click image processing
– Create georeferenced orthomosaics, point clouds & surface models
– Desktop & cloud processing options


Education & support
– Full access to Knowledge Base, regular customer webinars, video tutorials & more
– Lifetime hardware & eMotion support
– Expert local senseFly representatives

– senseFly GeoBase: Don’t own a base station? No VRS access?

Enable high-accuracy eBee Plus workflows with this plug-and-play GNSS instrument



Proven ROI across multiple applications

senseFly’s eBee is the geospatial industry’s most widely used mapping drone platform, with thousands of satisfied operators around the world. This durable, lightweight tool combines seamlessly with Pix4D’s advanced image processing software to create a uniquely powerful survey solution—called senseFly Survey 360—which is proven to help users collect the accurate geospatial data they need, safely and efficiently.