senseFly’s Ag 360

Watch your productivity take off

In today’s market, every bushel counts, meaning drive by scouting and flying toys won’t cut it. senseFly’s professional Ag 360 solution provides the in-depth aerial insights you need to accurately monitor your crop’s development and identify issues as early as possible.

senseFly’s Ag 360 includes the large-coverage eBee SQ drone and Pix4Dag, the world’s leading drone mapping software; a combination that is proven to help professionals around the world boost yields and reduce inputs. And which is compatible with your farming management platform and precision agriculture machinery.


“We were working on an ag UAV ourselves, but when we saw the eBee SQ we thought, ‘Well, that drone is already here!’”
Paul Fischer, Sales Manager, Arag, Australia


– Keep your operation profitable—especially when commodity prices are low—by using drone data to optimise yields & reduce inputs
– Highly accurate index maps improve your field knowledge, helping you to identify & manage problems more effectively
– A drone provides a unique perspective— whether monitoring emergence, assessing vigour or tracking disease
– The eBee SQ’s multispectral imagery, combined with Pix4Dag, can help detect issues early


– Keep your operation profitable—especially when commodity prices are low—by using drone data to optimise yields & reduce inputs
– Highly accurate index maps improve your field knowledge, helping you to identify & manage problems more effectively


– Ag 360’s software programs are fully compatible with farm management information systems (FMIS) & precision agriculture equipment

– Same day insights–no waiting for expensive manned aircraft or satellite imagery
– eBee SQ is ready to launch in two minutes
– Map up to 10x more per flight than small multi-rotor drones–minimising downtime

Intelligent insights made easy

With senseFly’s Ag 360, there’s no need to learn how to fly a drone. Just define the crop region you want to map and launch the drone into the air—the eBee SQ flies, captures images, and lands itself. Leaving you to focus on using its data to guide your decisions.


“The eBee SQ is an amazing instrument that requires minimal training. Its sensor can highlight differences between healthy and unhealthy plants in a way that is not possible with human monitoring or other technologies.”
Néstor Di Leo, Agronomy Engineer, Rosario National University, Argentina


Conceived and supported by ag experts

Ag 360 was designed by senseFly’s team of agricultural engineers and is professionally supported by our extensive network of distribution partners. These staff boast deep real-world experience, having worked closely with agronomists, growers and researchers around the world to help them reap the very best results from their drone technology.


“Capturing accurate data with an eBee SQ is easy—the key to success is fusing your drone’s data with expert agronomical insights. No matter what anyone says, advanced algorithms can’t replace local experience on the ground—your boots are still going to get dirty!”
Nathan Stein, fourth-generation farmer & senseFly Ag Solutions Engineer


Season-long insights, whatever your crop

Durable senseFly drone technology adds value throughout the growing season, from emergency and early growth assessments right through to pre-harvest yield prediction. Thanks to its four spectral bands, the eBee SQ’s multispectral camera enables the generation of highly precise health maps of many different types of crop.

End-to-end intelligence

senseFly’s Ag 360 is a complete aerial crop analysis system. The precise, timely data it provides—combined with ground truthing and agronomic knowledge drives accurate decision making, for a better quality crop, higher yields and greater profits.


Included in Ag 360:

eBee SQ drone
– Flies up to 55 min
– Cover up to 500 ac (200 ha) per 55 min flight at 400 ft (122 m) AGL
– Sequoia multispectral camera

eMotion Ag flight & data management software
– Full FMS support
– Import field boundaries
– Multi-field flights
– Multi-flight projects

Pix4Dag image processing software
– Process drone images
– Generate accurate index maps
– Export machine-readable prescriptions

Education & support
– Free consultancy session: Agronomy Applied to Drone Data
– Full access to online Knowledge Base, regular customer webinars, video tutorials & more
– Local, expert guidance from authorised senseFly partners
– Lifetime hardware & eMotion support


“Our company has tried many different professionalUAV systems and the senseFly eBee is the only one to consistently meet or exceed our expectations in the field —it just works.”

Scott Hiebert, CEO, Green Aero Tech, Canada


Proven ROI across multiple applications

senseFly’s eBee is the industry’s most respected brand of professional drone, with thousands of satisfied operators around the world. Pix4D’s drone image processing software meanwhile is the leader in its field, boasting advanced radiometric processing, tools such as a built-in index calculator, and accurate, compatible application maps. These products combine seamlessly to create a uniquely powerful solution—senseFly Ag 360— that is proven to help agricultural professionals improve crop yields and reduce input costs.