senseFly’s Inspection 360

Inspection goes digital

Inspection can be tough, time consuming and potentially dangerous. So, when collecting the detail you require—whether of a facade, chimney or bridge deck—a little technological help can make a big difference.

That’s where drones come in. These aerial tools offer high-resolution insights, on demand; a shareable digital record you can use to assess and track a structure or building over time. All while keeping you safe from harm—no scaffolding, snooper trucks or rope access required.

For those looking to enjoy such benefits, senseFly’s Inspection 360 is the perfect starting point. This end-to-end solution includes all the proven drone hardware and industry-leading software you need to capture the data you require, safely and efficiently.


“senseFly and Pix4D offer a turnkey solution—from take-off to the final 3D model—which I would recommend. It avoids wasting time, plus you benefit from customer support which has proved very efficient.”
Yann Huet, Project Leader, Geotest



– Achieve sub-millimetre resolutions
– TripleView imaging built-in (38 MP RGB, HD video & thermal infrared)
– Look directly up, down & everywhere in between

– Save time over manual inspection methods
– Eliminate the costs of scaffolding, snooper trucks & road closures
– Choice of flight modes (automatic/interactive) to suit every project
– Multiple types of imagery means no landing to swap payloads

– Intuitive user interface & powerful flight assistance
– Integrated workflow & data management
– Automated features ensure full target coverage every time

– The fully shrouded albris drone weighs less than 2 kg (4.4lb)
– Numerous failsafes & backup behaviours
– Enjoy advanced situational awareness–even in low GPS areas


From flight planning to actionable data

With senseFly’s Inspection 360, collecting detailed, actionable data is a simple, step-by-step process. You just plan your flight—choose between a detailed ‘live’ inspection or an automated 3D mapping flight—then launch the albris, collect your data, and process its imagery to generate the exact data outputs you require.


“The Oregon DOT’s original goal was the capture high-res still images to check for defects, but when they realised we could get a 3D model—in effect a digital database of a structure—with the exact geometry of the object, that was something they were really excited about.”
Dan Gillins, Assistant Professor of Geomatics, Oregon State University


A world of applications

With its automatic and interactive flight modes, full situational awareness, and its uniquely powerful eMotion ground station software, the senseFly albris suits virtually every type of inspection task.
Whether assessing a bridge, a façade, a tower or a chimney stack—even surveying a small site—senseFly’s Inspection 360 delivers detailed, geo-accurate outputs that are compatible with all leading industry software.

Flight mode:
– Interactive ScreenFly with Distance Lock & Cruise Control
Key outputs:
– Orthoplane (identify defects, create defect map)
– Digital point cloud (measure, check for deformation)
– Thermal imaging

Flight mode:
– Interactive ScreenFly with Distance Lock & Cruise Control
Key outputs:
– Orthoplane (identify defects, create defect map)
– Digital point cloud (take measurements, check for deformation)

Industrial structures
Flight mode:
– Detailed check: Interactive ScreenFly
– Regular check: Automatic / Around POI mission block
Key outputs:
– High-resolution RGB images (identify small defects, create defect map)
– Digital point cloud (monitor evolution & changes)
– Thermal imaging

Flight mode:
– Façade inspection: Interactive ScreenFly w/Distance Lock & Cruise Control
– 3D model: Automatic (Around POI mission block)
Key outputs:
– Orthoplanes (identify small defects, create defect map)
– Digital point cloud (measure distances & surfaces)


End-to-end intelligence

senseFly’s Inspection 360 is a complete aerial inspection system. With its choice of flight modes, sub-millimetre resolutions and powerful Pix4D photogrammetry software, this solution produces timely, geo-accurate outputs that you and your clients can act upon with confidence.


Included in Inspection 360:

albris drone
– TripleView imaging (RGB, video, thermal)
– Choice of flight modes to suit every mission
– Advanced situational awareness
– Safe, secure operation

eMotion software
– Simple mission-block flight planning
– 2D/3D interface options
– Connect to cloud services, weather updates, airspace data etc.
– Instant integration with senseFly GeoBase (& compatible with leading base stations)

Pix4Dmapper software
– One-click image processing
– Create georeferenced orthomosaics, point clouds & surface models
– Desktop & cloud processing options

Education & support
– Full access to Knowledge Base, regular customer webinars, video tutorials & more
– Lifetime hardware & eMotion support
– Technical support with Tecnitop S.A., official distributor in Spain and Portugal


Proven ROI across multiple applications

senseFly’s albris is a truly inspection-focused platform that is employed by civil engineers around the globe. This flexible aerial tool combines seamlessly with Pix4D’s advanced photogrammetry software to create a uniquely powerful solution—called senseFly Inspection 360—which is proven to help organisations save time and reduce costs.


“Taking into account the quality of the results obtained, the use of drones for the monitoring and inspecting of dams seems to have a bright future. We were amazed by the quality and detail the drone achieved.”

Maurice Perraudin, Director de Producción, Energies Sion Région